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Forever Puzzled and Perplexed by the Life itself

the Chronicle the Haphazard

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was born in Moscow, Russia. My half-life in its prime had been burned in this weird, cold, unhappy, and immensely rich in Culture and History country to the extent I feel myself still connected to its cynical urban culture and its acclaimed literature like a victim of the traffic accident who has got an unwanted commitment to stay connected to the crushed car until all the memories of a long journey as well as of the terrible impact would have gone utterly. I graduated from the State Moscow Institute of History and Archiving, worked in libraries, worked as a tour guide in Moscow City and surroundings, worked for a small Publishing House of Soviet era, and I tried simultaneously (of my best efforts) to raise my two kids as if all those events were happening in any other, normal country, that was not in a reality, not in the least. You have to understand the world I lived in then. However, over there, in those dark ages, the long-cherished view always persisted, deeply rooted in my mind, that all of us eventually would make this "unwashed country of prisoners" for the incredible and happy Land of Israel. Later I studied Judaism in 1994 in Touro College, in Moscow, moved with my family in 2000 to California, lived in LA for quite happy six years, and now I live in Palm Springs, CA. I teach Russian a some of my neighbors, senior citizens all of them. Now I am a writer, a painter, a photographer, and the steep clothing' admirer. I'm so much into fashion, that only a few tiny steps must be taken in order to change my image of a dilettante for a rank of a true expert in the field. I also have to make my living as an International Tour Guide, taking my best pals and loyal clients from LAX to Moscow city for field trips and for S.Petersburg vacations.

I like (sometimes) my own translations of my favorite songs lyrics and I sing those songs along (rarely) with my family and my friends


история, общество, политика, религия, финансы, еда, животные, путешествия, авто, дети, россия, праздники

Social capital

  • less than 10